bespoke branding


At Scentworks we understand that selecting the perfect scent for your brand is the first step, but then you need to decide if the diffusion system is correct in appearance.

Working closely with our in-house design, printing and manufacturing team, Scentworks is able to convert YOUR diffusing system into a bespoke masterpiece.

We achieve this by adding a bespoke design to the front of SW640 & SW005.  This may be your company logo with text which can be of any colour or font.  You may require your diffusion system to fit within your décor, for example a luxury handbag store may require the front of their scent diffusion system to be covered with leather or maybe a luxury car dealership may wish to have a carbon fibre front.



Having access to air conditioning can be tricky if your store/stand is shared with other retailers (concessions) BUT you still require your customers to benefit from scent diffusion to promote your latest or signature brand scent. stand-alone stores not encountering the problems as above may wish to direct their customers to a specific area. 

Scentworks design and incorporate scent diffusion systems into many retail display cabinets using the latest technology to create a point of sale set up. The scent diffusion systems have 24/7 timers, fragrance intensity timers and easy access to replenish fragrance oil.

Using this technique enables you to connect with 4 of the main human senses; first the customer smells the scent and is automatically drawn to the area, then your product is in sight of your customer, followed closely by the customer holding your product in their hand. Combine this with your trained staff promoting the new scent will most definitely lead to an up-lift in sales